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T-Shaped Engineer


A T-shaped engineer doesn’t have to chase after jobs, instead, jobs chase after him. What’s your t-score? This would be the question of all the corporate companies in near future. Despite a plethora of soft skills necessary for long term success in the work force, present day graduates lack the specialized technical skills required for entry-level employment. Large employers like IBM etc. are spearheading initiatives to hire “T-Shaped professionals”. Also many employers are experimenting with various ways to scan and code an applicant’s resume to assess the T-score. Hence, T-shaped has become a metaphor for describing an ideal engineer: Broadly learning and applying knowledge acquired across disciplines (top of the T) and going deeply into understanding concepts in a single field (stem of the T). T-Shaped program at Aditya is an innovative branch of T-hub and is integrated with the four years of engineering course. This program is designed and managed by a bevy of experienced IT experts from IBM and WIPRO. Initially students are selected through a screening process which includes Technical assessment, Coding contest and interview. The selected students are rigorously and continuously trained in programming skills, technical skills and project skills throughout the B.Tech course which fulfill the immediate needs of the employers. A special and exclusive expert team designs the curriculum taking into consideration the industry needs and trains the students in the required area. In a short span after initiating the program, a six week Special practical training session was successfully organized in summer-2016 winning the confidence of the participants.