Technical HUB-A Perfect Launch Pad to the Job World

Vol 1 – Issue 1 – Nov 2017

Networking is the most powerful and very effective to develop mutual interests within the community of the engineers.Inorder to bridge the gap between the industry and academics, We Organised introductory networking event “T-Connect” on 09th-15th Oct, 2017 at ACET seminar Hall from 10am onwards. Representations from Technical Hub team were mad to the first year engineering graduates from all the engineering colleges to create awareness about Cisco, Android, IoT (Internet of Things), SAP, Oracle, DellEMC, HackerRank, Programming languages, RedHat, Microsoft related certification programs conducted at Thub without any training charges. More than 2000+ students gathered to know about the exciting opportunities await for them in the coming years.

: Programming is the DNA for the students who breathe and sleep to land in their dream companies. Technical Hub is willing to fulfil their dream to become a skilled developer, we conceptualised a unique program “#becomeCODER” to identify, teach and train the enthusiasts for 1st year engineering students. The program was conducted exclusive on C programming language in AEC, ACET & ACE colleges from 23rd Oct -1st Nov, 2017. A handful of students did attend to the training program and did learn their basic programming .The students shall attend grand finale competition in the month of December to exhibit their knowledge.

As the winter is at peak, codefall shall be inaugurated at Aditya campus to lit the spark in the eyes of the students. Codefall shall ensure the students pursuing 2nd year of engineering are acquainted with latest software programming languages. The program shall be in effect in the month of December .The shortlisted students will undergo 10 days of rigorous training under the skill full watch of trainers.

Campus placements are vital for the engineering students to get placed in their dream companies before the graduation results. To assist and train the students to achieve their milestone, hub prepared a blueprint for their career progress and skill refinement. #driveready shall prepare the students to face the technical and programming interviews with utmost confidence and knowledge to bypass their peers at the time of interview to remain the best. #driveready is a 12 day intensive training program for all the engineering students in surampalem campus.

250 students from third year engineering branches are shortlisted by their department heads and their profiles are further screened by Technical Hub to fit the requirements of the training program, such shortlisted students will be segregated as per their branch preferences such as Android,CISCO,REDHAT,IoT platforms.Handfull of students are trained in-house for 80+ hours. The students will attend for practice mock test in the month of December and undergo certification assessment month of Jan,2018. During the course of training students were given info session on “DevOps” by industry expert. The drive ready program will increase their confidence in the programming and technical skills required at the time of campus placements. The shortlisted students will be preferred on the day1 selections in the year 2018. Referral placements will be offered to these students to stand apart from other students to grab their golden opportunity.

We are proud to announce our first commercial project was executed before the deadline and delivered to our first customer GBI.The hosting and webdesign services are one of its kind in Aditya campus to have successfully hosted on our servers to ensure 100% uptime at all times. Aditya IT network is strengthened further by adding storage racks with multiple layers of firewall to protect the customer data. Speaking at the launch event, Mr Gogineni Srinivas expressed his satisfaction and trust towards Thub in the coming years. A snapshot the website can be noticed below.

The need of IT based services are in demand especially in training sector, the necessity to transform some topics taught in the classroom to online gained momentum as the campus visits are rampant during months of November2017-March2018.Versant is the frontrunner in this case as the machine learning software is widely used by level5 companies to test the language skills of the students. To get acquainted with the testing portal, we developed an in-house practice session software platform for the students to practice mock tests in their language labs or mobiles as well. The software was accessed by 500+ students of Aditya Degree Colleges. The portal can be accessed at

Examination section of Aditya Engineering College (A) was provided with auto Mid-examination paper preparation & marking software. The software enables the staff in the examination section to automate their core function to minimise human error.

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  • MEAN workshop on 27th – 29th Nov, 2017

  • SAKRobotics center launch on 4th Dec2017 at ACET seminar hall. start 11am onwards

  • Redhat Excellence center launch on 7th Dec at ACET seminar hall. Start 10am onwards

  • Salesforce workshop on 4th – 7th Dec, 2017 in three engineering colleges

  • IoT Challenge workshop on 8th -9th Dec, 2017 at ACET seminar hall. 9:30am – 4:30pm

  • Kick start #driveready phase II program on 18th – 23th Dec, 2017