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Virtual Reality (VR) is about creating a simulated environment by the use of computer technology where user will interact with the 3D world and will be immersed in it. Whereas in Augmented Reality (AR) user interacts with the virtual objects in the real world.
And when it comes to gaming, it’s no longer just a means of entertainment, but its now a profession for many. As the number of gamers increases every single day, the demand for professionals who are making games is increasing day by day. A 2D and 3D game can be made by using a game engine like Unity with the help of Photoshop, Blender and Krita for game designing purpose.

Course Number of Students Status
iOS App Development 2 Completed
AR/VR Workshop-1 6 Completed
AR/VR training 5 Completed
AR/VR Workshop-2 2 Completed
AR/VR Workshop-2 2 Completed
Game-A-Thon-1 43 Completed
Game-A-Thon-2 59 Completed
Game-A-Thon-3 7 Completed
Game-A-Thon-4 8 Completed


S.No Name of the component
1 Oculus Rift
2 Google Daydream
3 Google Cardboard
4 VR Headset


S.No Name of the component
1 Touch Pad

High Configuration Systems – 2

S.No Name of the component Configuration
1 RAM 32 GB
2 Processor i5 7th Gen
4 Graphic Card CARD PCI XPRESS 3GB (GTX 1060)
5 Monitor LCD ASUS 27”

Mac Mini – 2

S.No Configuration Name of the component
1 RAM 8 GB
2 Processor i5
3 Hard Disk 1TB