In today’s competitive, driven world, many students are much afraid to follow modern career paths due to the fear of failure which Overpowers their mind. Founded with the primary intention to help students rid this fear, Technical hub supports a modern teaching system which not only encourages students to follow various new career paths but also makes them industry ready for their chosen future.

Our History

Founded back on the 3rd of February 2016, our journey has been quite an adventurously successful one. Back when we started Technical Hub was manned by our founder Mr.Babji alone. With the principal ambition to revolutionise the teaching experience, Mr.Babji after carefully analysing multiple real-world scenarios overtime was finally able to create modules that eventually helped in bridging the gaps between the management, teaching and student community. Initially, when Technical Hub started, it had a small student audience with not more than ten individuals. Today Technical Hub has more than 6-7 thousand individuals, and the number keeps going up as the days go by. Our body initially consisted of one man keen on sharing his knowledge with the student community. Today Technical Hub has more than 24 active teaching individuals who are certified by well-reputed companies and who happen to be few of the best in their field. We are more than proud to say our journey has been more than a successful one.

Our vision

Founded to revolutionise the traditional teaching pattern, Technical Hub hopes to spread its unique teaching pattern soon and form a universal teaching module that can be implemented across multiple educational institutions. Our main intention is to craft our students in a way that makes industries thirsty for them. In the near future, we hope to implement a universal certification pattern or score called the T score, which should hopefully encourage big companies to change the way they hire. Our unique teaching pattern should one day make jobs chase after our students rather than our students chase after them. 

Why choose us?

For the sceptical few. Your question may be, Why Technical Hub? and  How is Technical Hub different From the other training institutions. Well to address that, when comparing ourselves to most other training institutions out there, we are proud to say That our teaching methods are one of a kind. Here at Technical Hub, we are not only focused on making a good student excellent by polishing their skills and increasing their knowledge in areas that they lack perspective, but we are also open to those individuals who have little to no technical knowledge and are Still keen on becoming an expert in their chosen field one day. Apart from that we also happen to have finely trained professionals from multiple reputed organisations like Oracle, RedHat, Cisco, GitHub, VMware and many more who are here to help make you a more knowledgeable and finely crafted individual than you already are.

Proudest Achievements.

When speaking about achievements, many companies love showcasing their talent and work in a way that makes them stand out from most other organisations. Similarly, we are also proud of what we have overcome over the years. As mentioned earlier, one of our most impressive achievement was being able to attract an engaging audience that helped us grow and become who we are. Leaving aside all that, few of our most recent achievements include being awarded by Cisco as ‘Best Institution in Student Participation’ in 2018 and also reaching the runners-up position in the ‘CCNA Cyber Operations student program Participation’ in an event held in Bangalore, India recently. Apart from that, CISCO has also appreciated concepts showcased by Mr Babji & Chaitanya at a global CISCO conference held recently and has agreed to implement the idea Across their learning platforms around the world. Our efforts and participation were proudly appreciated by Mr Satish Reddy, Vice chairman, Aditya Institutions.

Payment questions?

If you are worried about having to spend ridiculous amounts of money to enhance your technical knowledge or even to learn a new computer language, well then, worry no more. Technical hub offers the most competitive prices without any compromise on quality when compared to the retail market. Apart from competitive prices, we also happen to offer discounted rates and even scholarships to the gifted few. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Technical Hub and let us help you on your journey to becoming one of the industries finest shaped individuals in the most pocket-friendly manner.

We hope to serve you as per your satisfaction, requirements and needs and here to provide the best possible training sessions one can ever get. You are one click away from becoming a T shaped professional. We hope to serve you soon.