Every job seeker and job changer wants to know which technology to learn so that it will be easy for them to grab a job whether they are from a software background or not. If they are from a non-IT origin, what are the chances for them to learn a technology and get a job. Some would like to know what pre-requisites they require for mastering technology. For all such kind of questions, there is one and only one solution Salesforce. This topic gives info about what is Salesforce and who can learn Salesforce, where to learn it and what kinds of a market it attracts.

                              Salesforce is a cloud-based platform for customer relationship management (CRM) solution which unites companies and customers. Its solution comprises of all departments including sales, marketing and service, which gives a single shared view of every customer. A single view of customer means personalised marketing, knowing their needs and concerns, fantastic shopping experience, quick response to customer support issues through any channel, and building custom apps for automation of time-consuming tasks. Their core values are trust, customer success, innovation and equality. Over 150,000 companies, both small and big, are growing their business with Salesforce.

                               Salesforce believes in “Ohana” means in Hawaiian family. They consider their customers and employees as a family, so they define growth with respect to customer’s growth. Salesforce believes in giving back to the society that is the reason why they have developed Trailhead a fun based platform for learning Salesforce. Trailhead provides a learning path step by step with images and videos. Here anybody can register for free and learn Salesforce with ease. Trailhead consists of Modules, Trails, Trailmixes, Projects and SuperBadges. In order to encourage learning quests will be created every month with some certification vouchers or monetary benefits on behalf of the pursuit of completing person to the environmental activities. If you get stuck somewhere, we have an awesome community known as Trailblazer community where community members will be happy to help you, and as of now, there are 1000 different community groups across the globe.

                               Salesforce conducts different events across the globe every year; some of them are Dreamforce, TRAILHEADX, Bootcamps, Tour and Ohana etc. each has its own significance.




                               Dreamforce is a global event conducted every year at San Francisco where you will get a chance to develop skills by attending sessions, elevate your career by connecting with employers  from Salesforce ecosystem and some fun-filled activities where you might get an opportunity to visit Salesforce tower along with goodies and a chance to undergo certification on attended sessions.


                               TrailheaDX is an event conducted by local community groups to those who are from other ecosystems and want to make their career in Salesforce. Here they will be given sessions and motivation that is required to choose their career in Salesforce by taking examples of roles from every industry. Bootcamps are conducted for community members where they will be given training for a couple of days on one of six learning tracks by experts and will be allowed to undergo one or two certifications and followed by an epic party and swags.

World Tour



                               Salesforce World Tours will be conducted concerning with respect to countries where experts will be coming from Salesforce ecosystem, and they will be interacting with people who want to make their career in tech not sure where to start and want to change career but worried about not having the skills needed to succeed. 





                               Salesforce Ohana is a two-day event conducted for bringing the partners, communities like administrators, developers, students and customers under one roof for conducting awareness to students about its culture along with paving the way for students to grab jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their main motto is by 2022 creating more than 3.3 million new jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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