Technical Hub GIT’AR’ is a marker based Augmented Reality application which is used to connect the Technical Hub team members and people of Aditya Group of Educational Institutions. GIT’AR’ means Get in Touch through augmented reality. This application works as a connection medium between user and the Technical Hub team members. By scanning a single target image user can access all the professional information and social media accounts of team members of the Technical Hub. User can access information through offline also.

Augmented Reality allows the merging of digital information along with the user’s physical environment in real world. AR will use existing environment of the user.

Evolution of Idea:

We observed that many of the students have struggled a lot to know about programs conducted by the technical hub and the dealing technologies by the Technical Hub. If any of the student want to know the information about the technology it takes time to gather the trainer details. Even we have faced this problem when I’m new to the Technical Hub. So to overcome this problem we came up with this project idea to make  an interaction medium between the technical hub team and students easier.


Technical Hub GIT’AR’ acts as a guide for the students who are willing to learn technologies from Technical Hub. This application is mainly useful for students who are new to Technical Hub and eagerly waiting to know their trainer who is dealing the technology. User will get the trainer profile which contains area of expertise, certifications and contact information of the trainer. The user can experience 360 degrees view of Technical Hub.

At the starting every student will face a small problem that they don’t know the trainer who is dealing the technology which the student want to learn. It will take some time for the student to get in contact with trainer. So in order to untangle this situation we came up with this project. The student can get list of technologies, technology related trainer and social media accounts(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin) of Technical Hub by scanning the target. By single touch user can get contact information of the trainer.

In the first panel there is a register button which will redirect the user to the Technical Hub registration page which makes the users feel trouble free.

Actually so many of the students are not aware about the technologies which are being trained in Technical Hub. So many students are interested in learning the technology which matches their interest but they are taking a back step because there is no proper guidance. In Technical Hub GIT’AR’ application the user can get the contact information of the trainer so that the student can directly contact trainer and get more detailed information of the technology.


Software tools used: VuforiaEngine, Unity game engine, Visual Studio, Sdk tools, Photoshop.

Technical Hub GIT’AR’ supports android platform. This application is directly available in google playstore. This application in built in Unity game engine Vuforia engine support. Vuforia engine is a core software which provides augmented reality tools and support for various platforms. The panels and the environment is completely designed in unity. Functionality for working of this application is written using C# language in Visual Studio. User Interface and profiles of the trainers are designed using photoshop.

After scanning the target images the user will get a rotating spin with technologies in which the user can select any technologies of their interest. All the technologies which are being dealed by the Technical Hub are listed in the form of spin. One spin rotating in clockwise direction and another spin in anticlockwise direction which directly attracts the user vision. The user will get all social media accounts of Technical Hub and a register button will there which will redirect to Technical Hub website. On the first panel the user will get following social media linked accounts of the Technical Hub – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin.

At top left corner of the panel there is an Technical Hub logo which will assist the user to visualize 360 degrees view of the Technical Hub.

If user selects any technology a new panel will be appeared which contains trainers list of the related technology. Trainer names are given in the form of buttons and on the right side we will get the images related to that technology.  There will be a back button at the bottom which will take you back to the first panel which contains the list of technologies.

When student selects the trainer name profile of trainer will be opened which consist of trainer certifications, area of expertise of that trainer and contact information of that trainer. By help of area of expertise student can know that on what technologies the trainer is having grip.

 Certifications of the trainer will help the student to know about the experience of the trainer. In this panel we will have five buttons a back button at the bottom left corner and Linkedin button at the bottom right corner will redirect the user to the Linkedin account of the trainer. There will be three icons on right side middle. If user clicks call button directly the contact number of the trainer will be opened in dialpad. If user clicks mail button a new compose mail will be opened with the trainers mail id and location icon will redirect to Google maps which shows the trainer location.

Target image:

The target image to be is given below which the user should scan after installing the application. This target image is mandatory after scanning target image the user can get the panel.


Technical Hub GIT’AR’ main motive is to connect students and the Technical Hub team members. This application makes the trainer as well as the student work easier. We can get all the professional information of the Technical Hub team members in this application. We can even visualize the 360 degrees view of Technical Hub.


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