About the partner:

Certiport, Pearson VUE business, is the world leader in performance-based certification exams and practice test solutions for academic institutions.

Established in 1997, Certiport is a pioneer in providing complete career-oriented certification solutions to academic institutions and IT Professionals. These services encompass test development, psychometrics, program management, sales and marketing for the official Microsoft® Office certification program, the Microsoft® Technology Associate certification program, the Adobe® Certified Associate certification program, the Adobe® Certified Expert program, the Autodesk® Certified User certification program, the Autodesk® Certified Professional certification program, the Intuit® QuickBooks Certified User certification program and the IC3 Digital Literacy certification.

Certiport currently delivers more than 3 million certification exams each year around the world. Certiport supports Aditya Academy vision to spread the benefits of Information Technology and bring mass access to technology and consistently strives to bridge the gaps across communities in quality of life, competitiveness and economic development through use of technology tools.

Details of partnership:

Microsoft Technology Associate (“MTA”) and Microsoft Office Specialist (“MOS”) certification as an entry point for business employment in various industries across the world. Certiport shall make MTA & MOS certification available to Aditya Academy.

Autodesk Certified Professional (“ACP”) and Autodesk Certified User (“ACU”) certifications are Autodesk Certifications that demonstrate the skills needed to stand out from the competition and succeed in advancement. Certiport shall make ACP and ACU certifications available to Aditya Academy.


Students pursuing 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year of study in:

Benefits for the beneficiaries:

Microsoft Technology Associate ("MTA”) Microsoft Certification 50 minutes
Microsoft Office Specialist (“MOS”) Microsoft Certification 50 minutes
Autodesk Certified User (“ACU”) Autodesk Certification 75 minutes
Autodesk Certified Professional (“ACP”) Autodesk Certification 120 minutes

How to avail the benefits:

For more details regarding this program, contact Technical Hub