This course introduces students to ETL tool used to extract, transform and load data from source RDBMS oracle database current data into target warehouse any RDBMS history data. Participants explore the difference between OLTP and OLAP databases. They also examine how to automate the ETL projects so that no need end user to interact with any databases for history data maintenance. So that this history data is useful for generating formatted outputs and used for analysis purpose using any reporting and analysis tools..

Course Duration : 45 Hours

Prerequisites | Required

  •    Knowledge on any RDBMS

Prerequisites | Suggested

  •    Previous any Programming knowledge

   DataWarehousing Fundamentals
   DataWarehousing architecture
  Difference between oltp and olap
  Types of tables in DW
   Types of schemas
   Types of DW approaches
  Slowly changing dimension type1
  Slowly changing dimension type2

Hands On Exercises

Course Completion Certificate

Live Project

Certification Exam

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