Programming to develop a game is nothing but giving life to the game i.e, giving life for static objects in the Game. In this course you will get to know the unity interface and C# coding in visual studio. Programming is used to give functionality for the game objects i.e., how the objects should move and how to give the animations of those game objects. We will get through the builtin functions for gaming and how to write your own functions and methods for creating a game.

Course Duration : 40 Hours

Prerequisites | Required

  •    Programming in C is required

   Scripts as Behaviour Components
  Awake and Start Methods
  Update and FixedUpdate
  Variables and Functions
  Conditional, Looping and Switch Statements
  Enabling and Disabling Components
  Activating GameObjects
  Translate and Rotate
  Destroying Objects
  GetButton and GetKey
  Colliders and Triggers
  Instantiating Objects

Hands On Exercises

Course Completion Certificate

Live Project

Certification Exam

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