About the partner:

Oracle offers an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies to empower modern business. For most companies, flexibility is critical. Oracle provides a wide choice of software, systems, and cloud deployment models—including public, on-premises, and hybrid clouds—to ensure that technology flexes to the unique needs of a business.

Details of partnership:

Oracle Academy leverages Oracle’s global technology leadership to offer a complete portfolio of computer science education resources to secondary schools; technical, vocational, and two-year colleges; and 4-year colleges and universities, with the goal of helping students become college and career ready.

As part of this initiative, Oracle Academy software curriculum, hosted technology, training, support and certification resources will be made available to students and faculty. The initiative is expected to help 2,000 students and 150 faculty members over the next three years.

As a part of this partnership, Oracle will facilitate a 'train-the-trainer' course to ramp up faculty representatives as instructors for five courses including Database Design Programming with SQL, Database Programming with PL/SQL, Java Fundamentals, Java Programming, Java Foundations and Database Foundations. Once trained and certified, this faculty is expected to use the Oracle Academy infrastructure to train other faculty members and students.

Oracle Academy member benefits offer educators and students computer science education resources to advance knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology fields

Benefits for the beneficiaries:

Oracle Academy membership costs nothing and offers individual learners, educators and educational institutions access to world-class technology, expertly developed learning materials and curriculum, training, and other resources.

Oracle Java Fundamentals 1Z1 - 811 - Jfun 40 hours Go to Course
Oracle Java Programming 1Z1 - 811 - Jpro 40 hours Go to Course
Oracle Java Fundamentals & Programming 1Z1 - 811 - JF&JP 40 hours
Oracle Database Programming with SQL 1Z1-006 -DPSQL 24 hours
Oracle Database Design & Programming with SQL 1Z1-006 -DDPSQL 40 hours Go to Course
Oracle Database Programming with PL/SQL 1Z1-006 -PL/SQL 40 hours Go to Course

How to avail the benefits:

For more details regarding this program, contact Technical Hub