This project deals with details of hotel student details. It deals with no of students available and their incoming and out going passes. Students and their parents will receive sms regarding their in and out timings. Those students who violate the hostel rules will be fined and sms will be forwarded. These functionalities will be maintained as history data in warehouse database using Informatica mapping project automatically.

Pre-requisites/Implementation Technologies

1 . Knowledge on SQL
2 . Awareness of PLSQL Programs
1 . Oracle
2 . Informatica

Note: One kit will be provided per team for practice.

Project Development Lifecycle

Day Action plan Detailed Plan
Day 1 Study source data 1.Examine source tables and data.
2. Identify source table columns to be merged.
Day 2 Implementation of DW tables 1. Design warehouse database tables .
2. We use De-Normalization Process.
Day 3 Implementation of mapping 1. Source tables we will mapped to targets.
2. We use slowly changing Dimension type 2
Day 4 Application Testing 1.Checking flow of exact data from source to targets.
2. Resolve error issues.
Day 5 Project deployment 1. Converting entire project into XML file.
2. It can be loaded into production servers.
Day 6 Project presentation 1. Presentation of entire Application.

Team Size and Price

Team Size Price for Team
4 4000

Note: A team can have maximum of 4 members.

Tech Coach