Hostel Students of Aditya Group of Institutions can raise complaints they face related to electricity, plumbing, carpentry etc through this app. And the complaints raised from students will be resolved within two days. Students can track the status of their complaints through this app. There will be a dashboard where Vice Chairman, Chief Warden and others can monitor the complaints raised by students.
Scope of this project: Scope of this project is to android app development only, not dashboard design

Pre-requisites/Implementation Technologies

1 . Basic programming knowledge.
2 . Database fundamentals
3 . PHP basics
1 . Java programming
2 . PHP
3 . MySQL
1 . Android Studio
2 . Git Hub repository
3 . Notepad++
4 . Server like 000webhost

Note: One kit will be provided per team for practice.

Project Development Lifecycle

Day Action plan Detailed Plan
Day 1 Requirement Analysis Overall understanding of the project
Day 2 Design Learning UI design
Designing the UI of the app
Day 3 Code implementation Code implementation
Day 4 Code implementation Code implementation
Day 5 DataBase Operations Tables creatio
Database connectivity
Day 6 Testing the app Testing the app
Fixing the bugs (if any)

Team Size and Price

Team Size Price for Team
4 4000

Note: A team can have maximum of 4 members.

Tech Coach

Technical Trainer