The first category of asset that intruder/hacker will target is the organizations network. Weaknesses in networking infrastructure will enable the intruder to gain access to hosts in the network, eavesdrop on data in transit and disrupt communications. All these actions can have serious consequences for the organization. In this project, we will learn about the plan of basic penetration testing of network systems. In next level, we will analyze and exploit the network-based vulnerabilities.

Pre-requisites/Implementation Technologies

1 . Internet & Intranet
2 . Penetration Testing
1 . VMWare workstation or Oracle Virtual Box
2 . Kali Linux VM latest version

Note: One kit will be provided per team for practice.

Project Development Lifecycle

Day Action plan Detailed Plan
Day 1 Project Analysis • Project description and overview
• Project limitations and case study
• Software requirements and analysis
Day 2 Understanding Network Based Vulnerabilities • Understand common concepts of penetration testing
• TCP/IP and OSI layers a comparison study
• Understanding Network Based Vulnerabilities
Day 3 Exploiting Network Based Vulnerabilities • Exploiting Network Based Vulnerabilities
• Understand wireless and RF Based vulnerabilities
Day 4 Exploiting wireless and RF Based vulnerabilities • Exploiting wireless and RF Based vulnerabilities
• Understand specialized systems and security
Day 5 Guidelines for exploiting specialized systems • Guidelines for exploiting specialized systems
• Exploiting android devices
Day 6 Testing and Documentation • Study testing results after analysis
• Presentation and Documentation

Team Size and Price

Team Size Price for Team
4 4000

Note: A team can have maximum of 4 members.

Tech Coach

Md Shaifu Zama
Technical Trainer