Nowadays we use the different types of gsm based home security system in our home to protect from Intruder and thief. There are the different PIR home security system in the market depending on their applications. But one of the biggest problem is that many people may not be able to afford it, because of the cost factor involved in it, but this project will give you more effective way of protecting your home through voice commands, the system will give you the access to your home whenever you say the correct command that you have program it erlier.

Pre-requisites/Implementation Technologies

1 . Voice recognition module
2 . Arduino
3 . Relay Board
4 . Connecting wires

Note: One kit will be provided per team for practice.

Project Development Lifecycle

Day Action plan Detailed Plan
Day 1 Introduction To Home Security Introduction to Home security system
Day 2 Voice recognition Module interfacing with arduino Introduction to different parts of voice recognition Module, and simple programming of voice commands with serial terminal
Day 3 Arduino Programming And Bluetooth module interfacing with arduino Arduino basic programming and Bluetooth module interfacing with Arduino in different methods
Day 4 Relay Board introduction Parts of relay board and transistor operation
Day 5 Relay interfacing with Arduino Interfacing ULN2003 Realy board with Arduino, types of Relays and interfacing protocols
Day 6 Assembling and testing Final code to put all together with Arduino

Team Size and Price

Team Size Price for Team
4 4000

Note: A team can have maximum of 4 members.

Tech Coach